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Safety limit switch plastic

Choose between the D4N and D4N-_R when choosing a plastic-housed safety limit switch. The D4N is available for single and multiple conduit entry. The D4N-_R has a pull-reset configuration. Both have standardized gold-clad contacts to provide high contact reliability. Certified standards include UL, EN (TUV), and CCC. >>

Safety limit switch metal
Choose between the D4B-_N and D4F when choosing a metal-housed safety limit switch for rugged, heavy duty applications. The D4B-_N is available for single and multiple conduit entry. The D4F has a miniature switch body. Certified standards include UL, EN (TUV), and CCC. The D4B-_N has CSA certification too. >>
Safety Selector Switches
The A22TK safety selector switch has a direct opening mechanism for secure equipment activation during maintenance. It has 30 types of exclusive keys to make it more difficult to disable. >>
Enabling Switches
An enabling switch allows a machine to operate only when the switch is turned on. When released, the machine is disabled. This ensures the safety of the operator. The A4E is a fixed switch that can be mounted in two directions. The A4EG is a grip-style switch with three easily discernible positions. >>
Two-Hand Control
The Touchstart Capacitive Palm Button requires no pressure to activate so it reduces the likelihood of wrist injuries caused by repetitive motion. It features RFI Immunity circuitry that would otherwise cause false triggering. The AC version is UL recognized. >>

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